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My YouTube is all set up :) I've made a few tutorials already, have you checked them out? 

I promised you all I'll be making tutorials with all my tips, tricks and secrets. That's exactly what I've done. I wanted to welcome you all to my channel and ask that you kindly subscribe, just so that you don't miss all the good stuff! 
I've learnt how to document and edit my videos to make them as interesting as possible, clear and quick to the point, without missing out fundamental information. 
Enjoy! Feel free to comment on my videos with any questions you have or feedback :)

My YouTube


After a few months on YouTube, I deleted my account after gaining a thousand subscribers. I just felt I wanted to focus more on my website, my content and my Facebook page. Since then, I have worked hard on my crafting and video editing, completely transformed my website, and built a crafting community on my Facebook page. I have set up a YouTube account again, linked above or click the link below to subscribe:

Thanks for reading and stopping by! You can subscribe to our website by entering your email in the red box, that way you will get weekly DIY craft tutorials right to your inbox and you won't miss a thing :)
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