Make Terrariums and Other Amazing Crafts...

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This post is a little different to my usual DIY craft tutorial posts, but it's fun, colourful and squishy! 

I've put all my squishies (thus far) together, and made a video showing you them and giving each one a review. This can help you decide if you want to buy squishies, which type to buy & not to buy, and for those who have been after a particular squishy I may have, you can see if it is to your liking before buying.
I was intending to go live for this video, just to speak to you all and as it's not my regular video and something a bit different, but it takes 24 hours to enable the live feature, so I just made it into a video instead. Oh well, I'm sure I will go live in the near future. I think it would be nice to talk to all my crafting family! 

I hope you enjoy this video!

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