• Come and learn how to make a homemade squishy! I'll be making an ice lolly this time.

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    Capture a beautiful winter scene in a lantern. Look at the glow and the silhouettes. I've come up with a really easy way to make this craft, come and see!

  • hanging planter, diy macrame hanging planter, how to make a macrame planter, wedding diy, wedding decor, wedding crafts, plant crafts, valentines crafts, valentines decor, valentines diy, plant projects,

    Today I have a lovely macrame inspired plant hanger for artificial flowers. This DIY craft project is perfect as decor for weddings, anniversaries, or valentines!

  • We have a two in one cute project for you today. A Pokemon terrarium! 

  • resin, resin crafts, uv resin, resin jewelry, resin jewelry, handmade jewellery, how to make jewelry

    UV resin is a great medium to work with, it's super easy and once you get started, there's so much you can make! We're making a heart necklace today.

  • This is such an adorable cute craft that's so easy to make. All you need is a sock and some rice, and the rest is just extra optional decoration. Let's go!

  • Got some rice? How about some old socks? Great! You're all set for making this cute sock gnome!

  • This has got to be one of my personal favourite DIY craft projects that I have done so far. It's gone down a treat with the kids, and the internet is proving to love it just as much! 

  • We're going to show you how to recycle old carrier bags by making cute squishy characters! They're easy, fun, cheap, and the kids love them!

  • easy winter crafts, easy Christmas crafts, picture frame crafts, recycled crafts, re-purposed crafts, up-cycled crafts, terrarium crafts, DIY crafts, Craft tutorial

    How about bringing a greeting card to life by making a 3D displayed version? All while recycling too!

  • winter crafts, christmas crafts, shadow box, easy christmas crafts, easy winter crafts

    Well isn't this just gorgeous? It is one of my favourite pieces that's for sure! It makes a perfect handmade gift or room decor. Shake it and watch the snow fall!

  • Make this gorgeous piece with me! I've made a handy tutorial for you all, just to make everything easier. 

  • We've got a cute Halloween jar craft for you all. It's pretty cool to make and easy too. We decorated our lid as well, and lit up, it looks spookier with the spiders silhouette!

  • With Halloween coming right up, of course you've got to get making a project! Check out this piece I made costing no more than £6!

  • Come and make a super easy Halloween jar craft! It's quick, cheap to make, and spooky too. A hanging skeleton, pumpkins, and a spider lid. The perfect Halloween combination!

  • homemade squishy, homemade squishies, squishy diy, makeup sponge squishy, squishy crafts, squishy tutorial, how to make a squishy, sponge crafts,

    I am sharing all my know how on squishies today! Make your own homemade squishy with these tips, tricks & secrets!

  • Once you know how to make magnet crafts, you'll be addicted! So come learn how!

  • So today we will be looking at how to make a closed terrarium, this includes the most needed information on which plants are actually best suited for a closed terrarium too. 

  • Make this beautiful mini aquarium. No resin needed! 

  • Check out this awesome mason jar hack! Super cute and fun to make!


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