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I am SO excited to share this craft hack with you all! Make this wonderful light up frame by recycling Christmas gift bags and cards!

Come and learn how to make a homemade squishy! I'll be making an ice lolly this time.

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Everyone loves snow globes! They are magical, beautiful and graceful. They're also so much fun! Come and make your own snow globe!

Let's make a beautiful necklace together. I chose to make a seahorse this time!

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How about bringing a greeting card to life by making a 3D displayed version? All while recycling too!

Once you know how to make magnet crafts, you'll be addicted! So come learn how!

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Well isn't this just gorgeous? It is one of my favourite pieces that's for sure! It makes a perfect handmade gift or room decor. Shake it and watch the snow fall!

I'm super excited to make this post! Learn how to recycle sponge/foam and make a squishy!

This project quickly became a family favourite! What's better than creating your own toy and designing it? Well, this also squishes and is scented! 

Make this beautiful mini aquarium. No resin needed! 

Come and learn how to make fake water without using resin, as well as artificial snow that glistens beautifully. This is such a beautiful winter/Xmas project!

Make this beautiful pendant with me, featuring dried flowers and rhinestones!

Got some rice? How about some old socks? Great! You're all set for making this cute sock gnome!

Today we're showing you all how to make this beautiful lotus flower and it's lillypad. We're even showing you a cool display setting for it!

We all love getting things for free. That's why I've made a tutorial on how to make your own scratch art! Don't pay for it, when you can make it!

Look at this super colourful Easter hamper! Such a great craft to make with kids! 

We're going to show you how to recycle old carrier bags by making cute squishy characters! They're easy, fun, cheap, and the kids love them!

How cute is this pendant?! Follow me as I show you how to make this piece! 

This is such an adorable cute craft that's so easy to make. All you need is a sock and some rice, and the rest is just extra optional decoration. Let's go!

Check out this awesome mason jar hack! Super cute and fun to make!

This has got to be one of my personal favourite DIY craft projects that I have done so far. It's gone down a treat with the kids, and the internet is proving to love it just as much! 

Make this cute miniature sea / beach in a bottle. Made from UV Resin! 

Today's craft is a simple wax jewellery making DIY. We've put together an easy to follow tutorial for you all. This necklace glows in the dark too, super cool!

Check out these craft goodies I brought for amazing prices! You can get them too!

Who knew making your own custom rings can be so easy? It's so cheap and fun, you'll want to try making other rings after this! You only need two main items, so come enjoy this jewellery making craft with us!

Come shop with me! The Works and Poundland vlog! 

Come and make a super easy Halloween jar craft! It's quick, cheap to make, and spooky too. A hanging skeleton, pumpkins, and a spider lid. The perfect Halloween combination!

Do it yourself with this easy valentines crafts tutorial. Make a beautiful handmade gift or cute decor!

We've got a cute Halloween jar craft for you all. It's pretty cool to make and easy too. We decorated our lid as well, and lit up, it looks spookier with the spiders silhouette!

Today I bring you something a little different than my normal posts, of course still craft related!

Making your own earrings is so cool, it's also REALLY easy! We thought since it's almost Halloween, we will make some spider earrings! Come and make them too.

This has to be one of the cutest crafts I have made. Again, this is so simple, quick and cheap. I gave this as a gift and it was a hit! 

Make these awesome glow in the dark skulls! They look great even when they aren't glowing, and even better when they glow. It's such an easy project too!

We're back with another NEW stunning winter scene. This piece is gorgeous as a Christmas center piece in your home or gifted to someone special. Nothing beats a beautiful handmade gift.

How cute is this fox?! I totally love this paper craft. It was so fun, cheap and simple to make. What's better is that you get to recycle and use everything you already have at home.

Come and make a cute inexpensive unicorn bauble! Great for Christmas! Decorate your tree or even make a few as beautiful handmade gifts! 

Who isn't obsessed with unicorns?! Look at how magical and beautiful this necklace came out. You can make it very easily too! Come check out the tutorial!

It's snowing! Beautiful winter season! Time for some winter crafts! It's the christmas season now, so I'll be making a few christmas pieces.

Another Halloween decor idea for you all! Come and make this Halloween poison bottle- featuring dead spiders and other creepy crawlies. 

Want to make a gorgeous ocean in a bottle? It's super easy and really fast! 

DIY Halloween Ghost

Make your own illuminated ghost out of a milk bottle! Recycle and craft at the same time! 

Make a magical unicorn galaxy jar. Watch this DIY tutorial to make one like mine, or for a nebula galaxy effect, just add darker paint colours like red, purple and blue. 

This has got to be one of my best personal Halloween favourites! This project was so fun and looks amazing as Halloween decor!

With Halloween coming right up, of course you've got to get making a project! Check out this piece I made costing no more than £6!

Hate spiders, or know someone who does? Make this spider web nest for Halloween and gross people out!

So what happens if you don't want to make a simple terrarium? or a 'true terrarium'? Well, you start getting fancy! 

Make this beautiful two in one craft. We'll be making an enchanted rose from Beauty & the Beast! You can also turn it into a necklace!

Everyone has to begin somewhere, and so, that's what I did. At first, try to start off easy. Save jars from jams, pickles etc and wash off the packaging.