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Look at this super colourful Easter hamper! Such a great craft to make with kids! 

I visited a shop I hadn't been to for a very long time. If you're in the UK you may have heard of PoundStretcher. Anyhow, I'd decided to pop in and see what they've got. I got a few craft items and before I knew it, I was home crafting. 

I don't know how you all come up with your ideas, but for me, it happens there and then. Everything just comes together suddenly in my mind and I've got to make an effort to remember it, otherwise I scribble it down (in the worst sketch you've probably ever seen) or just get on my knees and begin crafting. So that's what happened with this hamper. I'm happy with the outcome to say the least! 

I hope you enjoy making this project. Get your kids involved because this tutorial is suitable for children! 
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Display it with the lights on and off!

For this fun craft, you will need:

  • A hamper- I had one in storage from some flowers.
  • A rabbit plush, small or medium in size. I brought mine from PoundLand.
  • Artificial grass- I brought mine from The Works.
  • Shredded coloured paper- From The Works.
  • A chocolate egg.
  • Glue Gun.
  • Paper decorative flowers- From The Works.
  • Clip on butterflies- From PoundStretcher.
  • Eggs on sticks- Brought from PoundLand.
  • Rabbit on a stick- From PoundStretcher.
  • Egg lights- from PoundLand.
  • Chick eggs/ eggs you can open- PoundStretcher. 
  • Tea light candles x2- for inserting in the eggs.
  • Miniature carrots- PoundLand.
  • Artificial plants x4- I brought mine from ebay, China.
  • Small coloured eggs- From The Works.

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Check out the photos for this piece!

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