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DIY Halloween Ghost

Make your own illuminated ghost out of a milk bottle! Recycle and craft at the same time! 

Save yourself some money and time with this project. The main body of this DIY craft is from something you already have at home- a milk bottle! I love making use of everyday items and recycling them is even better. I'm sure this milk bottle didn't expect to turn into a ghost for its next life, but it's happy to have another use! 

This project is pretty cool if you ask me! I hope you find it interesting, and a clever way to make a ghost for your Halloween decor. Have it with the lights on or off. Both versions are magical in their own right; but of course the illuminated version is spookier!

I am pretty certain you will have all the items needed for this project at home already. I will list and link each one as I always do, just in case. All products I list are never sponsored in any way- I do not earn or work with the sellers or companies. 

What you will need:

Watch the tutorial:


Photos of the finished project:


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