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Come and learn how to make a homemade squishy! I'll be making an ice lolly this time.

What's there not to love about squishies? They're super cute, fun, and simply melt all your stress away! They're the new 2018 craze; and one I am loving for once! 

So gather all your craft supplies and let's get crafting! I will write everything you need with links to where I brought them, but you should have most of this at home and a good thing about this project is that you get to recycle old mattress toppers and pillows, as well as your ice cream sticks!

NOTE: I used puffy paint/fabric paint. DO NOT USE ACRYLIC PAINT, it will just crack and completely ruin your squishy! Instead, you can mix PVA glue, shaving foam and acrylic paint into a nice thick mixture, this is a SECRET TIP to save money and make your paint go round for longer and won't crack on your squishy either! 
If you don't have sponge or foam, then make sure you subscribe to my website, as I'll be showing you how to make a paper squishy and a masking tape squishy soon!

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What you will need:

  • Foam or Sponge- I used Memory Foam. Make sure you buy the sample only- another tip! costing only 99p!
  • Sharp scissors- preferably tailor scissors
  • Puffy Paint- Provided the link, but I brought mine for £3.99 from b&m!
  • Marker
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Toothpick or dotting pen
  • Fabric Glue. Hot glue can also work.
  • Ice lolly stick. Recycle and use one from an ice cream you've eaten!

Watch the tutorial here:


Photos of the finished project:


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