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Make this beautiful pendant with me, featuring dried flowers and rhinestones!

I LOVE making things from resin. It's so magical putting something together and preserving it beautifully. You can literally do anything with resin. So many craft uses, as well as home uses. 

Today we put together a tutorial just for you, to show you how to make your own necklace using resin, gemstones and pressed flowers! Trust me when I say this, you do not need to know much about resin to follow this tutorial. In fact all our videos are put together in a way that are simple and easy to follow; allowing beginners to have a go at something. So fear not, if you have never tried resin before, simply follow our step to step guide and you'll be fine! We use UV resin, as it is much more simple to work with-especially if you are just starting out.

Links to the items we used:

*If they expire, just let us know in the comment section on the video and we will be happy to help*



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