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How about bringing a greeting card to life by making a 3D displayed version? All while recycling too!

Using natural twigs from the park/garden, and re-purposing an old frame and scrap paper, we've made a beautiful Christmas/winter display for your home! You can hang this, display it, or gift it!

This is one of my favourite projects and I love the finished product! It looks really expensive, and I've had friends ask and assume I have brought it from John Lewis! HA! That certainly did leave me feeling rather pleased! I love the colours and how classy and elegant this piece looks. It was rather quick to put together, simple and very cheap to make! 

I hope you enjoy this DIY craft tutorial. Lots more unique ideas to come so stick around and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and facebook, as well as subscribing to our website and YouTube. That way you'll never miss a craft, and be the first to see it! Any requests or suggestions are welcome. Don't forget to hit the like button and share away! Thank you, much appreciated! Let's begin! 

What you will need:

Watch the tutorial:

Photos of the finished project:


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