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We've got a cute Halloween jar craft for you all. It's pretty cool to make and easy too. We decorated our lid as well, and lit up, it looks spookier with the spiders silhouette!

Capture your own little ghost in a jar with this DIY Halloween craft idea we have you. Follow the tutorial to make your own illuminated ghost in a jar! You can go a step further and decorate your lid by sticking a creepy crawly, a bat, a pumpkin- whatever you like. Once you turn the light off, and turn the battery tealight on, you will see your ghost light up, as well as the shadow and silhouette of your spider/decorative figure on your lid.

Making the actual ghost for this project is pretty cool. We did this as a family, and they loved watching how the ghost came together and thought it was a clever unexpected idea. Have a go at this yourself!

What you will need:

Watch the tutorial:


Photos of the finished project:

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