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Today I bring you something a little different than my normal posts, of course still craft related!

I decided it would be awesome to learn about another crafter and their work. It's so interesting to delve into someone else's world. I think it's always important to learn more about others, it helps us learn more about culture and just broaden our horizon! It helps us develop in so many ways, so learning about a new craft is even more magical! 

Let me introduce Sitee Sitdhiras aka the handmade diary! 

Sitee is a Thai born arts & craft maker who loves making hair decorations of all sorts! 

Her blog documents her life, family, friends and people who still enjoy the handmade lifestyle in this fast paced modern world. 
Sitee is a very talented, skilled and creative person. She draws inspiration from everyday things and creates something beautiful at the end of it. What begins as a craft idea comes to life with her creative fingers. 

Sitee says :

'I grew up in a family that values Thai culture, arts & craft, and individualistic balance of the old and the new. My mother, sisters, brother and I are all in the creative field. Being the youngest, I see that we have all developed our own personal way of expressing these values.

HANDMADE to me is not only about style or execution. It is about the way in which we choose to craft our lives. To be happy in being different. To spend time in things that matter. '

I loved her words, to me they seemed like poetry alone. I am pleased to have worked with and gotten to know Sitee and her artistic world. I am inspired and hope you too, enjoy her work and passion. 

To see more of Sitee's work and get to know the artist more, visit her website:

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