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I am sharing all my know how on squishies today! Make your own homemade squishy with these tips, tricks & secrets!

Squishies are so much fun to play with, and just as much fun making your very own at home! I will be sharing all I can on how I make my squishies from 99p / $1 memory foam! I also discuss how to make your own puffy paint, the different types of sponges you can use, as well as how to make a squishy and what makes a squishy squish!

Watch here:

List of items discussed:

  • Memory Foam Samples- UK - US
  • Makeup Sponges- UK - US
  • Car Sponge- UK - US
  • Bath Sponges- UK - US
  • Puffy Paint - UK - US

Squishy DIY Photos:

More Squishy DIY's:




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