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We're using mixed media in this DIY craft project, featuring a beautiful romantic sunset and beach scene. Perfect for Valentines, anniversary, or even wedding gifts & decor.

There's something elegant and classy about wooden crafts, I love it! I decided to use makeup to make a faint sunset so that the heart is coloured but the wood still shows through. I then sealed it in with mod podge. I have used UV resin for the water/sea, and sand at the bottom to represent a beach. I have also used a new form of mod podge that I haven't used ever before- 3D effects! 

Need to put together a handmade gift for someone special? This DIY craft project is perfect for you. It's a gift and can also be hung as decor. Cheap items, easy DIY, and a lovely finish. Come and make it with me!

What you will need:

Watch the tutorial:

Photos of the finished project:


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