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How cute is this fox?! I totally love this paper craft. It was so fun, cheap and simple to make. What's better is that you get to recycle and use everything you already have at home.

Got some old newspaper, books or magazines? Perfect. That's the majority of what you'd need for this project! Isn't it just great when you get to craft and recycle? You get to bring something to life that would have otherwise been thrown away. 

I really enjoyed making this fox. I decided to use an old dictionary- using the letter F section, so that all the papers used had words beginning with F for fox. This is a paper craft, a recycling craft, and a kids, teens and adults craft. At the age of 29, I loved making this. In fact, I think I'm going to make more in the future for different animals and using different styles. You can also frame this once made, it looks lovely framed! 

Tip: If you want a glossy, darker finish and everything secured in place, go over everything with a thin layer of PVA or Mod podge, that's what I did and I preferred the finish. 

Note: I edited the tutorial differently this time. It took a lot longer but I wanted to try a different technique to make it easier and clearer to follow. I hope you like the changes made.

What you will need:

Watch the tutorial:


Photos of the finished piece:



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