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Let's make a beautiful necklace together. I chose to make a seahorse this time!

I'd like to start by mentioning that UV Resin crafts are SO easy. Please don't feel you cannot attempt this or that you need to know a lot before trying to make resin jewelry, because that is so far from the truth! I suggest these resin crafts as being adult only, but it is so easy older children can actually make this. Please ensure a mask is worn, goggles and gloves. Ensure the room is well ventilated and children are supervised and an adult is crafting with them. The resin I use and list for you below, is labelled as a safe non toxic mixture with low fumes.

It is essentially a few easy steps that you just repeat for any shape pendant you wish to make. UV resin is so easy, no two part mixing like when using epoxy resin, it also bubbles less and cures so fast! 

List of what you need:


Photos of the finished piece:

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