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Who isn't obsessed with unicorns?! Look at how magical and beautiful this necklace came out. You can make it very easily too! Come check out the tutorial!

I love making jewellery, as well as using UV resin. There's something I always like to mention when I talk about UV resin. You don't have to have any skills to use UV resin- honestly. So many crafters think this is a project not suitable for them or out of their league, but honestly, this is suitable for beginners and someone who has never used resin before.

UV resin is safe, non toxic, low fumes, no two part mixing like epoxy resin, hardly any bubbles surface, and best of all- the cure time is just a few minutes! Epoxy resin needs 24-48 hours cure time typically. UV resin is also super cheap and goes such a long way especially when creating small things like pendants and jewellery. Once you've brought your UV lamp- also very cheap, the only things you'd ever need to top up on is your resin and any other molds you may want.

I buy everything from china- they have a huge variety and offer beyond belief prices! I will link everything for you, so you have all the best deals! I do not make any money from my projects or any of the product links I include for you- rest assured! I simply just try to help out and love encouraging people to try new things and have a great time crafting!

What you will need:

Watch the tutorial here:


Photos of the finished piece:

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