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So what happens if you don't want to make a simple terrarium? or a 'true terrarium'? Well, you start getting fancy! 

Let's talk about making terrarium scenes. It's a fun way to make a small miniature world while bringing your home to life with splendid greenery. Instead of the plants being the highlight in a typical terrarium, the plants in this sort of terrarium art or craft, are just adding an element to the piece. The main highlight is the scenery and what brings it together. Sometimes you can depict a story, an action or emotion in a terrarium scene. Sometimes it's just a scene you've put together that is beautiful, interesting or cute. I like to use bigger sized pots when I make a scene, but I have also used small jars and that works equally as well. I guess it's just down to what piece I want to make, my mood, and what I have around me at the time.

Make sure you head to your back garden or park to pick up some natural goodies. I love getting twigs, moss, bark, pine cones, acorns, rocks and pebbles.
For the figures add some old plastic toys, head to the charity shop, or order them online on ebay.

Use a hot glue gun to glue bits and bobs together. Pva glue can work too, and creates a clear dry finish that can look like water splashed on pebbles. Sometimes you need to cut out a strip from an old plastic bottle and stick the rocks to it to create a footpath. You can however, just add the rocks into the soil and create a footpath like that- it just means it could move around a little. If you find making water features difficult, I'll teach you this part via video tutorials, as it is a process, and you'll experiment with a few things before you settle on what suits you and your style best.

For some inspiration I've added some pictures of scenes I've made. I sometimes use artificial grass and sand. Sometimes my work isn't just terrariums but jar art or teacup art, or crafts in general. You'll see not all my work uses plants, but I still create a lovely miniature scene. 

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