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Make a magical unicorn galaxy jar. Watch this DIY tutorial to make one like mine, or for a nebula galaxy effect, just add darker paint colours like red, purple and blue. 

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What you need for this project: 

  • A bag of cotton balls
  • Glitter- I used silver for mine.
  • Stars- I used two types, you can use one only if you like. 
  • Mason jar
  • Plastic cups x4- or depending on how many coloured layers you wish to have in your jar.
  • Plastic spoon
  • Paint-acrylic is best. 4 colours or more depending on how many layers you want. Pastel colours if you want a unicorn jar like mine, or darker colours for a nebula effect- red, purple, blue. 

    Optional additional things you may need: 

  • Scissors 
  • Single hole punch
  • White tailor chalk pencil
  • Stickers-moons/stars/clouds/rainbows/horses/unicorns
  • Black string
  • Unicorn shell
  • Glitter paper for lid of jar
  • Black paper for label/card
  • Glue gun

Have fun! Watch the tutorial here: 

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