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Make this cute miniature sea / beach in a bottle. Made from UV Resin! 

This is as always, an easy to follow DIY tutorial. If you are new to resin, don't worry, UV Resin is much more simple to work with than two part Epoxy Resin, and this do it yourself tutorial has been made to help those who are just starting out.
You can make this as an ornament, charm, or into a necklace! Gift it, wear it yourself, display it in your home, or even sell these! 
I got all the items super cheap, so if you want the links to anything let me know in the comments section on the video, as well as any other question or input you may have.

I really enjoyed making this resin piece. Isn't it so magical creating a small scene or world within a bottle? It's one of my favourite things that's for sure! I use UV resin because you skip all the hard part of mixing things separately as you do with epoxy resin, and for beginners this can seem daunting. UV Resin also cures so fast, all you need is a UV torch and a couple of minutes - usually from one minute to six, and your layer would be hard! With Epoxy resin you need to wait 24-48 hours for your layer to harden, if you're impatient like me, UV Resin offers the perfect stand-in. It's perfect for small projects like this. If you have a larger project using epoxy resin would probably be better suited. If you have bubbles in your piece, don't worry, it suits the ocean theme rather well, so you can get away with it here.

More UV resin tutorials to come, so if you enjoyed this one, subscribe to our website! I'll be making more along with other crafts, all in which are easy, quick to follow and cheap. If you have a request comment on the video and I'll try my best to fufil it! Have fun crafting! Don't forget to share so others can have a go at making this! Please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed the tutorial.

You will need:

  • Glass bottle with a cork lid.
  • UV resin.
  • UV torch.
  • Blue food dye. 
  • Pearl and shells.
  • Sand.
  • Toothpick and straw.
  • Safety wear- googles, gloves, mask.
  • Mini eye pin (If you want to make it as charm or necklace)
  • Necklace chain (If you want to make it as a necklace)

Watch the tutorial:


Photos from the finished project:


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