• This project quickly became a family favourite! What's better than creating your own toy and designing it? Well, this also squishes and is scented! 

  • Come and learn how to make a homemade squishy! I'll be making an ice lolly this time.

  • This has got to be one of my personal favourite DIY craft projects that I have done so far. It's gone down a treat with the kids, and the internet is proving to love it just as much! 

  • We're going to show you how to recycle old carrier bags by making cute squishy characters! They're easy, fun, cheap, and the kids love them!

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    I am sharing all my know how on squishies today! Make your own homemade squishy with these tips, tricks & secrets!

  • I'm super excited to make this post! Learn how to recycle sponge/foam and make a squishy!

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    Today's craft DIY is such a fun and exciting project! Cute, colourful, and easy. You also get to recycle items you probably have lying at home already!

  • Come and make this easy cute jar craft, featuring miniature squishy presents! 


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