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Thank you to all those who entered our August 2018 Giveaways! Congratulations to the winners!

We have two giveaways running every month, make sure you are part of it! For more information on how to enter, click here.

August 2018 Giveaway #1

August 2018 Giveaway #1 WINNER

August 2018 Giveaway #2

August 2018 Giveaway #2 WINNER

Thank you to Jessica for being a fan on our Facebook page and winning the 'most active user on our Facebook page' giveaway.
A big thank you to Sandra for recreating crafts from some of our tutorials. Below is her work. All recreations will be featured on the website gallery for recreated crafts as well as our social media (Instagram & Facebook), and if you're a winner, it will also be featured on our monthly winners announcement post-like this one.

Sandra's recreations:

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