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Make this beautiful moss terrarium. It even lights up! Perfect for Valentines or Christmas.

This idea is so cute and easy to do. It won't take you long. There is one tip, which is to cover the wires for the LED light and only show the heads. Make sure you do not drown out the light by covering the heads with moss. The LED lights make this piece so much more romantic. It also adds a fairy-like effect. I love that you can have three versions for this piece, without the LED lights on, with the LED lights on while your room light is on, and with the LED lights on with your room light turned off. It gives a beautiful serene ambience.  
I really love how the colours pop on this too! It's such a cute piece.

Here are the things you will need:

  1. Moss. Two kinds of colours. I liked to use a dark and neutral colour. I got mine from ebay.
  2. Mushrooms! - I got mine on ebay, you can get different colours but I like the red ones!
  3. LED lights/ fairy lights. 
  4. Red beaded chain for the heart.
  5. Heart container- Again, off ebay. Type in 'clear heart container'. 

    It shouldn't cost much at all! 

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    Follow the tutorial: 

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