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So how do you make a terrarium exactly? I'll tell you how! 

First you'll need some sort of bowl or jar, some soil, a plant or two, and some rocks or pebbles. This is the bare minimum, you can add more things such as sand or decorative rocks. You can also add activated charcoal to your terrarium to keep it even healthier. 

Now that you have everything you need, let's get down to how you make a terrarium! 

How to build a terrarium

  • Make sure your glass jar or bowl is clean. Place a few handfuls of your small pebbles into the bowl. It needs to cover about an inch and a half. The reason we put the stones in, is so that it can collect the water and drain well, which helps the roots stay healthy and not rot. 

  • Next, add your soil! Make sure it is good quality soil, so that your plants stand a good chance of surviving. Add about two inches and a half. Ensure the soil is enough to cover the roots. 

  • Decide where you want your plants and how many. Gently take out the plant from the original pot, and take off as much soil as you can, only leaving what is around the roots. Make sure your plant is stable when in place. Put enough soil around the plant to ensure it is stable. Play around with sizes, looks and styles of plants to make your terrarium extra gorgeous. 

    You're done!

    Now it's up to you to add more landscaping. You can add your sand or decorative stones now, a small layer just to cover the soil. 

    Take care of your plants by ensuring they get enough sunlight and water. Don't over water them though! Remember succulents need even less water, once every two weeks, or just check when the soil gets dry as an indicator. 

    Terrariums make beautiful gifts, and they also add life to your home. You don't need to be good at gardening to make a terrarium, it is very simple to make and low maintenance too. 

    I hope you've enjoyed making your terrarium! You can show me your finished pieces by tagging me on Instagram- @Terrarium&Crafts
    Or on my facebook page

    Look forward to seeing your awesome pieces! 

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