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Make a beautiful mini faux terrarium that also doubles up as a magnet. It looks so beautiful on my fridge, I'm sure it will look just as good on yours too!

Make this fake terrarium using simple everyday items. You will most likely only need two items that you may not have at home already; the tree and the magnets. It's such a simple, quick and cheap DIY, but truly looks beautiful as decor for your home. Display it on the fridge or freezer, radiators, whatever you wish! These miniature crafts also make beautiful handmade gifts. So come learn how to make this craft piece! I will as always list the items I used and where I brought them. I earn no money from these links whatsoever- they are sincerely just the items I found and brought myself for this project. 

What you will need:

Watch the tutorial:


Photos of the finished project:


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