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Make this cute room decor and lamp in one! Fairy themed lantern.

Who doesn't love the magical world of fairies? Some people even believe in them! I personally love tinkerbell and beautiful pixie dust, so I decided to make a fairy lantern of my own. A moss terrarium featuring a miniature fairy garden or fairy world. Small fairy houses nestled within the moss and soft glowing LED lights that add that touch of magic to your creation. 

This is a super easy and fast project, but it is fun as always! It shouldn't cost you much at all either. I have listed the products I used once again, to ensure you have no excuse to recreate this piece ;) If any of the links expire, just let me know in the video comments section and I will try my best to help :) 

You will need:

  • Moss.
  • A mason jar with LED lights. Try and find one that has the on/off button located in the inside of the lid as it makes it much easier turning it on and off. You can even find solar panel mason jars that are non battery operated and run on the sun alone :D 
  • Miniature houses. One larger size and a few smaller ones.
  • Tinkerbell or fairy figurine.
  • Glue.

    Links to the products I have used:

  • Mason jar with battery lights :
  • Moss:
  • Tinkerbell figurine:
  • Big miniature House and small miniature houses :

    OK, so now we're ready, let's see how to make this thing!

    Have fun crafting. Fun and relaxation is all it's about! If you liked this project and want to see more like it, kindly like the video and share it with others, as well as sharing our website and subscribing via your email to get your weekly dose of DIY tutorials delivered to your inbox! Until next time, bye! 



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