Diy 🌿🌸faux succulent terrarium

 Make this beautiful artificial succulent terrarium in 5 minutes! 

This is really fast and simple. 
I got myself a bark from the park which I love because it's free, but also has all the natural goodies like dirt and moss on it too. I got myself a large wine glass from the charity shop and three faux succulents from Hobby Crafts, but you can also find these on ebay. 
I used salt although I had white sand, salt or white sugar is much cheaper! 
The main piece is just the wine glass with the fake air plant and the white salt. I chose not to use coloured sand layers because it felt too jazzy for me and I just felt like the colours of the plant would not pop or stand out. White offered a good contrast to help the plant stand out, which is what I wanted. You can make the main piece and stop there, or if you feel it needs a little something and looks a bit lonely, you can make an additional decorative piece like me :) This is also featured in the tutorial. 
Give it a go! It really brightens up the room and adds life to it. Best part is, no need to take care of it! It will always be alive and beautiful! 
Watch the tutorial below! Under two minutes! 

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