We have a two in one cute project for you today. A Pokemon terrarium! 

Who doesn't know about or love Pokemon? Let's face it, even if you're a parent, you will know Pokemon. That's why this DIY craft is perfect for a gift or part of your child's room decor. We're sure they will love it! Why not make it together with the kids? It is simple enough! Though you may want to create the water feature using resin, or ensure all safety measures like good ventilation, gloves, mask and goggles are worn if children attempt it. 
We've made a two in one tutorial, featuring an artificial terrarium- using fake / faux grass and a real terrarium using real grass. Which terrarium choice do you prefer and which will you make? Let us know! Using real grass makes it look more realistic as you do find Pokemon in fields etc, it is their natural habitat to hide. Which Pokemon did you catch with your pokeball? We caught Pikachu!

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A list of what you will need and where I brought them from:

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