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Everyone has to begin somewhere, and so, that's what I did. At first, try to start off easy. Save jars from jams, pickles etc and wash off the packaging.

Another tip is heading off to charity shops- you get some great finds there! Be sure that your jars are not made from thick glass that distort and disrupt the view. You want something nice and clear. 

Once you have your jars set, start creating! Don't worry about how your pieces will look, or being a 'pro' or fully satisfied with the finish. You just want to warm up and get passionate about this! Start by thinking about how to fill up the jars. I will show you some of my first time pieces in this post, and you'll see how I developed on future posts, so you will get there too ;) (besides, I'm still developing and learning myself, and this blog will document my ever growing journey. I'm excited to be going through it with you) 
Some tips on what you'll need or may want to put in the jars, could be many everyday things you already at home- great bonus on saving money. This could be something you pursue alone, or as a family project with your children or even together as a spouse <3 :D 
So let's begin! 
- Jars, tea cups and saucers, wine glasses (charity shop, or from the kitchen when jams, pickles etc finish) Wash off labels with hot water and soap. Ensure no thick glass jars. 
- Items to put in the jars: 
  * Bath salts - A great way of also making your jar smell fantastic! 
  * Potpourri - You can also decorate the jar lids with this ;)
  * Figures- Great way to reuse old children's figures! 
  * Moss & nature- Grab some from the garden, or head out on an adventure to the park and pick as many natural things as possible. Stones, pebbles, moss, twigs, bamboo, sand,shells etc. Be creative and use what ever you have available, plus it's free and also makes awesome authentic and natural pieces! 
   *Plants- You can use artificial ones too. Sometimes it is best, just to ensure it always stays as it is, sometimes plants can die, mold, or wither and affect the piece when this happens. It is safer to go with an artificial type, but it is your choice! I have used real plants and not used artificial yet, but my new pieces will be created using artificial plants. You can compare the two on my blog and see what you prefer, or even make both types and judge for yourself. You can of course, constantly use both types- real and artificial throughout your works. Sometimes one piece would suit one over the other. 
*Hot glue gun! This is a must~ 

Now for some examples of my first tryouts! (Don't judge y'all! remember these were my first attempts too haha! :P Just kidding)


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