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Make this gorgeous piece with me! I've made a handy tutorial for you all, just to make everything easier. 

You will need: 

  • A teacup. If you can get a gardeners one that's big and has a drainage hole, do so. If you can't, just use any teacup set that you can get hold of. I got mine from Homebase. 
  • A plant to work with, succulents are easier to maintain so that was my choice. They are also very beautiful with vibrant colours. 
  • Moss for the base layer, try getting your hands on 3 kinds with different textures and colours. Use the dullest colour/ darker colour as the base, and the others to add colour to the piece. I got my first base layer from a pet shop for lizards, the second moss layer was from HobbyCrafts, and the third green layer was from the park! 
  • Soil to repot your plant if you wish to do so. I used indoor plant compost for mine. If you use a succulent try and use cactus compost if you can. 
  • Gravel for the drainage of the plant. 
  • Figurines from ebay or anything you can find at home or in charity shops, a fairy one will do nicely. 
  • Lace to decorate your cup (optional).
  • Decorative objects-  I used natural things I found in the park, popurri, pearl bead chain, and some pebbles/stones. 
  • Plant deco balls, and some white glitter (optional).

This piece is so fun to make, inexpensive, and took me two hours in total. It makes an excellent center piece or decor for your home, or a thoughtful handmade gift for someone.

To make it, watch the tutorial: 

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