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It's time to begin exploring the terrarium craft! We're going to be making terrarium scenes!

So you've tried collecting jars and beginning to fill them, but now we're going to start going for more. The next step is to create a scenery of some sort. 
Everyone is different. I actually don't tend to plan out what I am going to create. I go with the flow and my mood. I sit down and grab whatever gets my attention. Sometimes I stare at my shelves with all my little bits and bobs, and it takes a while for the dots to connect. Whatever your method is, go with it and trust your gut! Some people like to plan everything out, and that's fine too! 

What you do need to think about, is what sort of genre/mood/feel you want in your jar. What do you want to depict? It could be an emotion like love, nostalgia, innocence or fun. Maybe you want to portray an action instead, like fishing, playing, gardening etc. You could just want to create a scene and nothing more.
Once you've settled on an idea, you need to think about mediums, tools, styles, techniques, and what you actually want to present your piece on/in. There's just so much to discover and try out, so you'll never get bored!

I always buy everything on ebay. You're protected in case you don't receive the items, so you're always refunded which is good! You find that a lot of items you need for these sort of projects will always be from china. The down side is the waiting time. The selection of things are great though! just type in key words such as 'miniature' 'terrarium' 'diy terrarium miniature' these will get you the results you need. Thank me later! 
A lot of people keep where they purchase items from a secret! Buying the items from china also means you get them for a decent price! You will need to buy items such as benches, trees and figurines; these are the main ones you would start off with. You can also buy artificial snow, artificial grass, or simply use items I mentioned on previous posts such as bath salts, sand, or soil and natural gatherings. 

Now for some examples I made that depict a theme, action, genre or emotion:

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