Make this gorgeous safari terrarium featuring an artificial lake!Β 

Watch this video to DIY! Make a terrarium with fake water! Check out this safari themed water terrarium πŸ¦’πŸŒΏπŸŒŠ Want to make something different? Have a go at this! I picked all these natural goodies up from the park! (check my previous video πŸ˜‰) I love how this project came together 😍 I added various things to make it look more realistic like an actual safari. Creating things with plants is so fun! I love being a plant artist 🎨 🌿 ✨ If you need links to anything I've brought or have any questions please ask in the comments section of the video! Share this video for other crafters to enjoy! Subscribe and enable notifications! Stay up to date with all our diy tutorials!Β 

For this project you will need:Β 
-Safari figurines, I used an adult deer and their baby.
-Safari bowl if possible, otherwise you can glue figurines to the sides.
-Slime in a water colour-ie clear or blue.
-Grass or moss, grass is preferred. I picked mine from the park.
-Natural branch, something that can mimic a tree. I got mine from the park too, in the park vlog video I have uploaded.

You should get most your items for free for this tutorial, the rest will be cheap. The figurines will cost the most.Β 
This piece is one of my favourites! It's like a real snippet from a safari. I love the scene that's displayed. It makes such a wonderful centerpiece too! It is simple and fast to make. Check it out for yourselves!Β 

Another photo:

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