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Follow this DIY tutorial to make your own marimo / moss ball water terrarium!

It's super quick, easy and cheap too. I love the outcome, it's beautiful and makes an excellent centerpiece for room decor or a thoughtful handmade gift for someone special.

Use whatever coloured stones you'd like, however many moss balls you'd like, and add a figurine, shells or anything else! I wanted my look to be minimal and modern. I chose white deco stones so that the moss ball green colours pop, as well as the black coral. It all contrasted very well I think.
Make sure you refill your water every two weeks, other than that there should be nothing else your marimo need! They are super low maintenance.

Fun fact: some people keep marimo moss balls as pets! They are pretty cute!

So have a go at this! If you need any links to products I used or have questions, comment in the video section. I'd be happy to take requests so feel free to comment them too. Please share this video, like and subscribe to our website, much appreciated! Happy crafting!

You will need:

  • Glass jar/container.
  • Deco stones- I used white, you can use whatever colours you like, or even build layers with different colours, even sand is fine!
  • Moss balls- make sure they are small in size. I used two.
  • Coral- I used a plastic one, as it was hard finding the real thing. It was expensive and from abroad, but if you can find the real deal then go for it!
  • Water
  • Optional- Glow in the dark deco, figurines, shells and other decorative items. Get creative and choose what works for you! :D 

Why not make a few of these in different styles? :) 

Watch the super quick and easy tutorial:

Photos and other variations for more ideas:

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