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Isn't this super cute? A miniature moss terrarium, closed to create its own ecosystem. 

This project will literally take you around three minutes. The outcome is so cute, and it's so quick, simple and cheap to make. I always try to create tutorials that are easy to follow, quick and inexpensive. 

This is a moss terrarium. I used different shades. I also added some other natural goodies into the bottle. I sealed the opening with a resin mushroom I brought online- ebay. 

Let me list the items you'd need for this craft before I show you how to make one just like it! 


You will need:

  • A small miniature bottle.
  • A lid or if it does not come with a lid, you can make your own as I did here using a mushroom.
  • Super glue for securing the lid in place.
  • Moss- try and get different colours, maybe even different types. 
  • Other natural things to include, ie. some bark, twigs etc.
  • A little bit of soil.
  • Some green glitter- to make it look more magical and fairy like.
  • A cutting of fern.
  • Mist your terrarium a few times 2-3 before you seal it. 

    To make your miniature terrarium, watch the tutorial:

    Photos of the finished project:

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