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Moss terrariums are quick, easy and fun to make! They're practically no maintenance and add that bit of greenery to your table or home. 

If you're worried about your plants dying or not having 'green fingers' fear not! Moss is here! 
Moss is pretty hard to kill. It's also very very low maintenance so no worries there either. What's even better is you can get your hands on moss from your own back garden or parks, free! 

You don't actually need soil for moss. Moss can live on brick or gravel. You can still add soil if you like the look or to give your terrarium depth. So place some soil or rocks, and then your moss.

Choose which type of moss you would like. Spanish moss, or other hanging moss species can be used, but usually terrestrial moss does better in terrariums. You can mix and use different species of moss in your terrarium, this makes it more interesting as it adds different textures and colours; really bringing your terrarium to life. Green, blue, fuchsia, and blue moss can be found online.

That's pretty much it! Add stones or figures if you wish to decorate, or if you prefer a more natural approach, add natural things like twigs, acorns etc. Sometimes I even use potpourri to decorate. 

Mist your moss once a week, and keep out of direct sunlight. 

Fun tip! A secret of mine is rinsing the jar with Rain X before starting to make terrariums. This helps the condensation run back to the bottom, so you never need to clean or open closed terrariums.
Another trick is to ensure you do not layer your moss, this is because mold can grow due to the lack of drainage. 


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