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A video tutorial made easy for you, to make your first terrarium! 

So we're stuck in these mundane routines of work, stuck in buildings and offices and we can't always get away and have that green view that refreshes the soul. This is where terrariums come in, no seriously, they offer the best solution! They really do help you feel better, especially when you have a terrarium placed on your desktop table. It makes that load of boring work, much easier!

We're going to show you how to make your very own terrarium. You don't need to be good with plants, honestly! That's another great thing about terrariums; they look after themselves by creating their own ecosystem! You just need to google which plants are best for open terrariums and which are best for closed ones. This is because closed terrariums have different requirements to open ones, so plants that need humidity would be chosen and used in closed terrariums for example.

Terrariums are so easy to build and cost pretty much nothing at all! I get all my items for free, unless I use a figurine as I did in this tutorial. I pick moss and plants from my garden or local park and use mason jars from emptied sauces used for cooking! Literally everything for FREE. 

Now that I've outlined the many positives that come with making terrariums, let's start already! 

What you will need to make a terrarium:

  • Gravel- This is your drainage layer.
  • Plastic sheet or bag and pin to make holes with. This sheet will act as a base layer. You can use mesh if you have any- easier and better.
  • Soil- This is your substrate.
  • Bark- Helps with drainage, mix pieces into your soil.
  • Moss & Fern.
  • Stones- This is your decorative landscaping.
  • Figurines- Optional, decorative pieces.
  • Mason Jar- Closed with a Lid.
  • Water- mist your terrarium.

    Now, as mentioned earlier, I got all my items for free from the park. The only thing I did buy was the figurines, so I will link that for you.

    Figurines used:

    I have made a video vlogging me getting my materials from the park for my terrariums. I will also link this here for you in case you'd like to see how I get my plants for free.

    Now for the tutorial on how to make this amazing terrarium! 

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    Enjoy these photos from our finished piece! 


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