This has to be one of the cutest crafts I have made. Again, this is so simple, quick and cheap. I gave this as a gift and it was a hit! 

You can make this with me too :D Will you gift it or use it as cute room decor? 
You will need:
* Mason jar
* Blue food dye
* Water
* Sea creatures- I used a crab, star fish, seahorse, turtle. 
* Artificial water plants
* Sand
* Moss- I used reptile moss in mine, to look like seaweed. 
* Shells and decorative stones. I used some to resemble pearls. 

I like my water not too blue, but it is up to you what shade you want, just be careful with how much you use! A little goes a long way. 

Check out the tutorial below, under 5 minutes. Subscribe! <3 

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