Make a UV Resin Sticker Pendant

 How cute is this pendant?! Follow me as I show you how to make this piece! 

Follow this simple and easy tutorial to make this cute pendant using a sticker! This DIY tutorial is suitable for beginners so don't worry, it's simple to follow! I have used UV resin here, as it is awesome for small projects due to its quick drying time. Grab your kawaii stickers or simply layer cellotape over a paper sticker and cut to shape. All you need is listed at the start of the video. If you have any rough edges sand it down with sand paper. You can turn this piece into a keyring or a necklace. Use whatever decorations and how much you like. I used two simple layers. One for the sticker and one for decoration. You can use more layers if you decide to add something else like a pearl. Have fun and get creative! Rilakkuma is so adorable of course that's the sticker set I used. More resin projects to come so make sure you subscribe! Lots of different Craft DIY tutorials to cover, all in which are easy, fast and cheap to make. Any questions or simply want to say hi, comment in the video! Please give my video a thumbs up, share and subscribe 🌸 🌿 ✨

What you need:
- Resin- UV resin is what I used, you can also use epoxy two part resin.
- PV stickers- or use clear tape on your paper stickers and cut to shape.
- Decorations- I used stars.
- Pendant mold. 
- safety- gloves, mask, goggles. 
- Toothpick
- UV torch. (If using UV resin)

Follow the simple tutorial below. Super quick to make! 

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