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I am SO excited to share this winter Christmas craft with you all! Just look at how stunning this craft project has came out! I've passed on a few of my secrets to you within this DIY craft too. 

Make a beautiful winter Christmas decor for your home or a gorgeous handmade gift for someone. This winter wonderland is so festive and magical, perfect to get into the winter X-mas spirit! 

Learn what I use to make artificial snow, how to make it glisten, how to create a small camp fire, how to cover houses with snow- while making it look realistic, and much more! All covered in this DIY craft project! I am so happy with how this came out, it is so beautiful and I catch myself staring at it a few times throughout the day.

This craft project is more suitable for adults, but it is easy enough for teens and older children too. I hope you have as much fun making this as I have! If you enjoyed this, make sure to check out our other winter Christmas crafts! 

What you will need:

This is the list I used, but you can give and take, as some items are optional and just the choice of decorative pieces I used. You can use whatever you have available for decoration. The main item needed is salt really!

Watch the tutorial:


Photos of the finished piece:

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