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What's there not to love about a small garden in a jar? They make excellent gifts, house decor, and even amazing wedding center pieces! 

Don't have beautiful glass bowls to display your terrarium? who cares! Jars work just as well! 
I'm always creating small gardens in jars and gifting them. Add them to your work table to bring a bit of life to the dull list of tasks ahead of you. 

Terrarium Tips

  • Try using air plants, they barely need watering and are very low maintenance. They look beautiful and don't need to be rooted or planted in soil :) Great if you want to make a minimal effort, minimalist look.
  • You can use sand, pebbles, deco stones, or rocks and gems as an alternative to soil.
  • Cacti may not do so well in a humid environment of a closed jar terrarium.
  • Try and add colours that are vibrant and pop with various plant textures and colours.
  • Moss can be included, marbles and stones.
  • You can also add miniature figurines.

Don't pack your jar to the brim, but do try to make it as interesting as possible! 

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