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Make this gorgeous Mother's Day Gift by following our DIY tutorial

So mothers day is round the corner. What better way to show your love for your amazing mother by making a beautiful handmade gift?
This piece can be displayed in three ways, as shown in the video. Closed, open, or parted and held open.
Beautiful arrangement of succulents and moss. I have used faux succulents here just so I don't burden my mum with maintenance! Artificial succulents look almost as good as the real thing luckily, so it won't look tacky. I used real moss and three different colours. I decorated the piece with ladybirds and mushrooms. To make the base I added sand before the moss, and a plastic sheet under everything. I spray painted the wooden box. I got the box and ladybirds from The Works (from my vlog haul video). Spray paint from Wilko. Moss, sand, plastic sheet, and mushrooms from Ebay.
I'm a bit bored of gifting my mom flowers and the typical thing. So I decided to get crafty and my mind put this together! I hope it gives you inspiration and you make something wonderful! I was actually going to make this piece with a book but this wooden memory box made everything easier! You can make it from a thick book by cutting out a square from within the pages. I hope this has given you an awesome, easy and beautiful gift idea. Happy mothers day to all the amazing super mums in this world! I hope you have fun creating this piece! Please like this video & page, share and subscribe! 

You will need:

  • Wooden box with an opening in the middle. You can also use a thick book and cut out the middle into a square. I brought this from The Works.
  • Faux succulents.
  • Moss. I used three colours.
  • A twig.
  • Spray paint- I used gold.
  • Sand
  • Plastic sheet
  • Ladybirds
  • Mushrooms

Watch the easy tutorial:


Enjoy these photos of the finished project:

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