Open Terrarium Tips

Check out these gorgeous open terrariums! Plus learn some tips on how to take care of your open terrarium! 

Make sure you check your open terrarium for annoying flies like gnats or bugs.
Ensure you have the right plants required for an open terrarium! Plants that require drier conditions and do not thrive on a moist environment. Succulents and cacti do well. 

Unlike closed terrariums, open terrariums don't have their own ecosystem. They do not have a water cycle as it is open to the air around us. This means you need to maintain it more and water it once a week or when you see that the soil is dry. If a plant is dying remove it, the same goes with dry dead leaves too.

Using cactus and succulents are a popular choice because they need to be watered less, a mist once a week or so will do. They are bright and vibrant, and look beautiful too in all the shapes and textures they come in. 

An open terrarium is easy to get to, you can always add more to it whenever you like and replace plants easier. 

Now check out these amazing open terrariums! 

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