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Just to help with some ideas, I thought it would be good to list some terrarium designs along with some pictures. 

There's so many options when it comes to building a terrarium, from material to concept. Let's have a look at some terrarium designs to gain some more ideas as to how we may want to present our terrariums. 

  • Jar terrarium. 
  • Open terrarium.
  • Closed terrarium.
  • Teacup terrarium.
  • Glass terrarium.
  • Bowl terrarium.
  • Light bulb terrarium.
  • Water terrarium.
  • Minimalist terrarium.
  • Scenic terrarium.
  • Fairy garden terrarium.
  • Miniature terrarium.
  • Jewellery terrarium.
  • Decor terrarium. 
  • Desktop terrarium.
  • Landscape terrarium.
  • Hanging terrarium.
  • Zen terrarium.
  • Horizontal terrarium. 
  • Fish terrarium.
  • Object terrarium.

These are most the types I can think of, and as you can see, there are so many options! You'll never tire. There's also trying out different plants, mediums, concepts, and designs. Let's move onto some pictures for each terrarium design I mentioned, just to help you actually see what types there are. 

Jar terrarium

Open terrarium

Closed terrarium

Teacup terrarium

Glass terrarium

Bowl terrarium

Light bulb terrarium

Water terrarium

Minimalist terrarium

Scenic terrarium

Fairy garden terrarium

Jewelry terrarium

Decor terrarium

Desktop terrarium

Landscape terrarium

Hanging terrarium

Zen terrarium

Horizontal terrarium

Fish terrarium

Object terrarium

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