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In today's blog post, I'll be addressing some terrarium how to's. This will be the section for all the tips and tricks! 


Most terrariums feature succulents and cacti. However, the best plants are those that are compact and love humidity and low light. Cactus and succulents are the opposite of this; they prefer bright light and low humidity. A lid makes the environment lower-maintenance. They would suit an open terrarium however.
The best plants to suggest would be fern, moss, orchids, and any other popular houseplant. These plants are more suited for a closed terrarium.
Remove any dying plants or dead leaves. Ensure to remove dead plants fast, so as not to spread any diseases to the other live plants.

Only mist your plants, it helps ensure you do not over water them! Low or medium light plants generally work best in terrariums. 

Closed or open terrarium? 

Having a closed terrarium makes the environment lower-maintenance. It produces it's own eco-system and the humidity means you rarely have to water it. You should notice condensation after closing the terrarium, if there isn't any, add a very small amount of water.
If you're OK with something more upkeep, then an open terrarium is fine. 


Remember your plants are in a glass jar, this means things get much hotter. Think a car with closed windows on a hot summer day. Give your plants a better chance of survival by keeping them in a shady environment with some light still getting to them. Just try to keep it balanced, not too little, not too much. Make sure it's not near a radiator either! 

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