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Well hello there! :)...Welcome to my creative space. I'm glad you have stumbled upon my page, and I hope you stay and follow me on my journey!

Here I will be sharing tips and tricks, photos and videos, and updating my blog regularly. If you want the know how, be sure to keep coming back! I will be working on making miniature scenes, terrariums, fairy gardens, lanterns, tea cup art, and other crafts too. I have always been fascinated with creating magical worlds, a utopia of my own. Going back from playing with doll houses and making them, to completing my BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art.

I love expressing myself, and getting those creative fingers at work. I see creating pieces as a way to unwind and engage your mind and soul into something healthy and slow paced in this fast moving and demanding world. Wouldn't you agree? 

You can make all the pieces along with me, and even gift them to those whom you love. Nothing beats an awesome hand made gift! I will guide you slowly through tutorials, and everything will be easy to follow I promise :) 

I'll be testing out different mediums and materials, seeing what works best, discovering new ideas and ways to go about them; all the hard stuff, so it saves you doing it! 
Well, I think I've addressed everything! The next posts will delve straight in! I'll show you previous pieces I've made first, and then future posts will be documenting new projects and pieces- that's where you will learn and make your creations with me~ 

Bye for now! 


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