What I've been up to!

So a little about me, what I like to do, plan to do, and have been doing! 

I'm still on a journey right, so I'm still learning, exploring, and figuring out what it is that I actually want to do and like to do. I encourage everyone to do the same!

It makes you feel positive and happy learning new things, and it's crucial to feed your brain new information too. Building yourself up, learning new things about yourself, it's just such a valuable journey not to be missed. 
I actually did a degree in Fine Art (BA HONS) but after graduating all creativity came to a halt. Reality hits, you get busy with life, marriage, routines, daily grind and trying to earn however you can. It can suck you into a mundane lifeless hole and cycle of existence. We often question ourselves, is there more to life? 
Well, it all begins with the small things. It truly does. 
You need to find something, even one thing, take baby steps. Find something that can make you happy. Add it to your routine. From eating a good breakfast while watching something that makes you laugh, to running a bath for yourself every night. These are the small things that keep you going. When you can, add more. Start going to classes, or if you are more of an introvert like myself, start from home. Look at your habits, your mindset, goals you would like to achieve. Start doing something on the side, a hobby. This is what brought me to blogging, and creating. 
I love writing, photography, and art. I thought a way to combine everything is blogging, creating and taking photos of my pieces so that the photos become an art of their own too. I have set a youtube account up too, to document everything and create tutorials so we can create together! <3 
What I am doing in the meantime while I am setting everything up (Blog, social media- Facebook and instagram, Youtube account and getting all equipment ready as well as learning how to edit and set up the recording, buying new art, craft, and terrarium stuff!) is LEARNING. 
I am jotting down everything, from tips about drainage and plants, to terrariums and crafts, dioramas, creating artificial water (this is a big topic and lots to experiment with, you'll see when I make the video) as well as trying to reach out to more bloggers, readers and creative souls. 
I will make new blog posts narrowing down the most useful information so that you learn with me and so that it's of use to many more. More content to come from actually creating. So there will be photos, blog posts, how to videos and much more. 
Thank you! 

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